Sunday, 27 October 2013

It's amazing the stuff that makes you smile and suddenly feel like life is this wonderful thing. Realising your mum bought milk while you were out, someone boiling the kettle for you, the person who opens the door, or lends you that extra 10cent you needed for the bus. The friend who gives you half their cookie or drags you out for a coffee when they know you've been having a rough day. The ones who remember to let you know if they're coming to the party, the ones who stick to the dress code, the ones who help clear up, the ones who get you some silly inside joke present. Sometimes its as simple as someone saying thank-you.
I am full of all the love in the world today because for the first time in a really long time I feel like I am appreciated-like my friends not just care about me but are genuinely glad to know me, that my family are proud of me, that my work is being recognised and that I am feeling more confident in myself to go pursue my ambitions. Life is truly spectacular in the very simplest of ways. When you are happy, everything feels better, food tastes better, views are more beautiful, time passes more easily.  Even the people you dislike and the things that would ordinarily make you miserable is just a blip on your radar.

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