Thursday, 11 July 2013

Kids these days

Apologies for my recent silence readers. I thought summer would afford me so much free time that I would be writing constantly but since I started working I am invariably there or sleeping off the exhaustion incurred there!
Today I am thinking about teenagers. On my first day starting at the camp I was thinking of My Chemical Romance's song Teenagers. Because teenagers really do scare the living shit out of me. I'm too young for them to respect me and too old for them to want to be friends with me.
I have one group of Spanish students, thirty-seven of them, out of which there are maybe seven to ten nice ones and the rest are rude, ignorant and just plain disinterested in life. Some of them actually stand in the road and don't seem to understand the frustration of the drivers, or me for that matter. Even the students from the other groups are driven mad by them (which is comforting). Unfortunately it feels as though there is no way to get through to kids who just don't want to do anything. They don't want to see historical sites, they don't want to do fun activities, they don't want to go home...if only I could give them nap time or chatting in Spanish time I'm sure they'd be thrilled.
What on earth does one do with teenagers? Granted there will always be some kids, great kids, who make the most of everything and who try to encourage others (I have reached the stage where I actually worship these children as my work saviour) but there are others who just slink off to smoke and do nothing.
I was a go for it teen (sometimes I'm a do nothing kid now) and I can't understand how these kids can come all the way over to another country and want to speak only their only language with people they already know and refuse to appreciate anything about the country they're in (except possibly the large Abercrombie).
I feel like I should be blaming the technology age of instant gratification but that doesn't account for the lack of respect for leaders, elders, others or even traffic lights. I'm worried that maybe some of them are just a little stupid rather than be completely obnoxious. Though I could be being a little generous.

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