Thursday, 2 January 2014

A lucky find

Sometimes it's surprising what can help you heal. Comfort can come from the most unlikely of places. Recently, I've been having a rough spell and I haven't wanted to log on here for fear of giving too much of myself away. There are some things I don't want people to see me as, and depression is not an outfit I wear well.
Luckily, I sought comfort in the right place, a friend not only cuddled me, and let me pick the movies, and let me eat what I wanted without judging glances. A friend who cooked me a meal I wouldn't be allergic to, even though it took him forever to find ingredients that wouldn't bother my stomach. A friend who told me I was beautiful with no ulterior motive, let me talk about my ex like it was ok to still be sad over it, who reminded me what friendship was and through his made me realise just how many people like that I had in my life.Sometimes you forget what it's like to have someone who'll drive you home even when they're tired, or who'll sit through a programme they hate because they know it might make you smile, someone who will reply to your messages straight away because they know it makes you nervous when people don't. This is someone who made me take a compliment because I was forced to admit that he would never lie to me. It is rare to find someone who will never lie, best friends don't always tell the whole truth because we love each other and there are some things you should never say because you know they cannot be forgotten. It is rare to have a friend who is not jealous of some part of you or of whom you are not jealous, so I was lucky to have this person in my life.
I realise much of this blog has become increasingly sappy but I feel some people are due a tribute, others an explanation, and some are just people I need to process in my mind. It's easier to say it to the blank white page than to a smiling face that will never realise how much it has meant to you. Because there are some times when I love you simply doesn't tell the person what you mean.

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