Saturday, 18 January 2014

Beautiful but boring

Being a literature student I think a lot about the combination of aesthetic and intrigue. Just as the words in poetry or the short story are most beautiful when their meaning is expressive so too are many things in life. Form without substance is the most disappointing thing we can encounter in life.
Art has this same problem for me, so often someone can paint, or draw, or make something beautiful, but if it doesn't intrigue, seduce or make you feel something, the beauty is rendered worthless.
What got me thinking about this was a chat I had with a friend of mine. He was out for the night and when I asked him how it went the next day he said he shifted a gorgeous girl but said she was excruciatingly boring. It reminded me of similar problems I've had in my own love life. I am not a picky person, I'm very easy going but the top thing that attracts me is interesting people. I just am not attracted unless a person has a bit of personality. I went on two dates with a really fantastic guy a while back. He was gorgeous, funny, chatty, interested in film and he could drive. My best friend thought he was the perfect man. I felt zero spark. He just wasn't...interesting enough for me.
While my taste in men thus far has been boys with long eyelashes who look vaguely unemployable the other common denominator is that they have each been odd in their own way. Even the ones who looked more or less normal! I think oddness is the spice of life and I'd rather spend time with someone who's a little bit different than a model any day!
Beautiful but boring may appeal in the mainstream media but I think in art and in people substance is essential. I'm pretty open with my oddness, but not everyone can wear it on their sleeve. I think the only thing more exciting than meeting a really good-looking person is when you discover they're also weird as hell! You can be as tall dark and handsome as you like but unless you secretly read comics, or obsess over performance art, or knit or dance like an electrocuted fish then where's the fun in that?

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