Monday, 28 January 2013


Today while on the bus with my friend we got on to the subject of hipsters. Both of us have received occasional, and usually derisive, comments from friends saying that things we do or wear are 'hip'. I'll admit to having an alternative style and an odd obsession with trying not to look like everyone else but I'm not douchey about it! I don't do things just because other people aren't, it just so happens that the things I like aren't the things that most people are into (like parkour or over the knee socks) . My friend brought up that he'd recently been sent a link by a boy from his school called 'shit hipsters say'. It included all the usual gems like 'you've probably never heard of it' and 'I liked their first three albums' but one which was repeated several times was 'i wrote about it on my blog'. Its true that there is a definite association with hipsters and bloggers. People assume that if you have a blog you're probably douchey and prententious. Youtubers seem to be ok in the general subconscious, even facebook addicts have become socially acceptable but we bloggers remain the ultimate internet posers. Frustrating to say the least. I cant help but find it irritating that no matter what way you do something people will see it how they've always seen it and regardless of how they see you they cant help but be influenced by how they see the things you do. Its like that nice guy you know who's been your friend for years but once you find out he's slept with half the girls you know and not called half of them -you cant help but see them a little differently. Such is the plight of the student blogger in this new internet world. Sigh what can one do but rant about it in ones blog? :P

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