Thursday, 24 January 2013


Today I experienced one of those everyday random acts of kindness that restores your faith in humanity. I woke up late and had to crutch for the bus at light speed, this meant I fell on the ice on my way to the bus stop...twice. I then had to wait for half an hour on the bus. Turns out I was blessed with the single most obnoxious bus driver in the whole of Ireland; as soon as I was on board he took off at a speed that nearly threw me to the floor. My ipod hit the ground and slid halfway down the bus, one of my crutches slipped from under me and i only just kept my balance on my good leg. While I was fumbling in my pocket while holding onto the rail for dear life I could feel the tears brimming up. Thoroughly flustered I threw my change in the slot and scrabbled to stuff everything back in my pocket. Meanwhile the driver snidely inquired how much I'd given him and i answered incorrectly twice while he sneered at me. I was ready to break down when a brown haired woman in her thirties handed me my ipod and my crutch and helped me to her own seat. She spent the rest of the 20 minute journey into Dublin city standing. That one moment completely changed my attitude to the world and my day.
The power of the smallest kindness is a particular point of fascination for me. Most people dont realise the effect a kind word, a smile or even just holding a door for someone can have. Especially since I broke my leg I have had so much appreciation for the patience of my friends and the simple sonsideration of strangers. If you're someone who smiles at someone who looks like they're having a bad day, holds the elevator for the running girl with the heavy bag or picks up the keys the suited man dropped thank-you. You're a force of change in the world and you have a power you can't imagine.

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