Saturday, 1 March 2014

the best

I don't blog about my best friends enough.
For so many years you have so many close friends, and even now I'm lucky enough to have lots of best friends. The difference with a very best friend is that it;' a lot like being in love, even when they drive you completely crazy or they don't understand you or they're annoying or selfish it never makes you want to stop being friends with them. It irritates you more than normal people because you know you have to put up with it forever. But you don't care because you know that they put up with all the pain-in-the-ass aspects of you. You know that, at the end of the day, even the biggest fight between you wouldn't stop them coming over if you really needed them.
My best friend has become the sister I never had. We share everything and sometimes we want to murder each other and occasionally we make comments on each others appearances and occasionally we even fight about boys. We've known each other for more than 6 years now and during that time so much has changed. We've become more like one another than we ever thought we would be.
It's kind of my perfect example for how you become who you are based on the people around you. I probably would never think about myself first if it weren't for her, and she probably wouldn't be half as goofy if it weren't for putting up with me.
I think the thing that is better about the love you feel for a best friend is that it doesn't get in the way like romantic love. It doesn't make you selfish or stupid, it doesn't close out other opportunities and it doesn't make you neurotic and obsessive and constantly analytical the way romantic love can. Friend love only makes you a better person, it only makes your life easier, more fun, more full.
All my greatest adventures, goofiest moments, the smiles that follow tears, the days where you do nothing but it's somehow fun, those are always going to be with my friends. The moments with someone you love are a different kind of special, the kind that once they're over, or the relationship is over, it is hard to relive. The memories you make with your friends though, those are the ones that will always last in the truest sense-in the way that makes you smile or cringe or even well up a little or just sigh with satisfaction. That's why they're 'best' friends -because all the best things in life and in  yourself come from having them.

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