Thursday, 16 May 2013

Age before partying

So I've reached a stage in my life where I worry that I'm acting like an old fogey. I know I'm not the most typical of students, I don't drink, smoke, I don't experiment with even the softest of drugs and I'm not someone who sleeps around. I sometimes worry that people think I'm what we Irish call 'a dry shite'. I know that I'm not as bad as our parents-I don't oppose any of the things I don't practise (bar drugs lets not be silly now!) but I definitely have days where I worry about some of the behaviour of my friends.
I rarely voice these concerns except in an occasional jokey fashion because I don't want people to see me as the mummy of the group. It does seem unfair to me that people constantly criticise or laugh at my choices while I am forced to keep silent about my feelings because people will think I'm either boring, damaged or highly religious. Is it totally unreasonable to think that drinking at two in the afternoon isn't really a good thing? Or that being stoned five days in a row isn't hilarious? Or that getting an STD isn't just 'par for the course in student life'? I hate that I'm uncool for being able to remember all my nights out, or for never having thrown up on someone, or for refusing to poison my lungs, or for not wanting to have sex with someone who won't remember me. I'm not afraid of people thinking differently of me because of the way I live, I just don't see why my way has to be considered 'weird'. I'm more than happy to have you blow smoke in my face or bring you snacks and febreeze your clothes when you're stoned and even hold your hair back or listen to the same slurred story over and over again, I'd just appreciate is next time everyone was laughing about a one night stand or some drunken shenanigan that they wouldn't also tell me 'I don't get it' or laugh at me for never having done it. You're young, have fun and take me with you-just don't judge me when I accept much more annoying fallout from your lifestyle.

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  1. preach it gurl~ i do a lot of these things (ok basically all of them bar the sleeping around oops) but i would never laugh at someone who doesnt. like what? people are silly.