Thursday, 16 May 2013

Mind over matter doesn't matter

Popular psychology tells us we have ultimate control over our minds and ourselves, and that no one can make us feel a certain way without our permission. We think we can control our mind and our world by focusing on positive thoughts or productive thoughts or even negative thoughts. Frankly, we are completely wrong. Hear me out before you judge me for denying psychology as a whole. Yes, to a degree, we control ourselves and our actions; I'm not saying we are powerless slaves to some other force. But, our thoughts are not entirely under our control. Sometimes, no matter what we're doing, one thought dominates our minds. Other times we can't keep one thing focused in our minds no matter how much we need to-our minds flit from thought to thought with little consideration for things we need to get done. Sometimes we get a song stuck in our head and we could be in space, or at a funeral, or kissing someone and our brains can be singing 'I'm gonna pop some taaaaags, only got twenny dollas in ma pockeeeeeeet'. We think we can control our minds but we can't. When we're trying to relax, all we can think about is the things we need to do; when we're trying to get over someone, all we can think about is their smile. I have realised recently that I cannot control my thoughts. I already knew this was difficult with someone like me who has an anxiety disorder-I am well aware of my mind having its own agenda which, more often than not, is totally contrary to what I want or need. I guess I'm just glad to learn that, when I really think about it, none of us has as much control as we think we do, a fact that is oddly comforting when one has those moments when one feels completely nuts.

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