Thursday, 16 May 2013

Poetry 2

So I recently found some poetry I wrote when I was about 15 and I thought I'd share it here. The sentiment is good but I've tweaked the writing a little because I had a bit too much a need to rhyme regardless of whether the words fit.

This was called The Barbie Doll Race

I started to choke
On your second hand smoke
As you turned to me
I looked at you
You asked if I would like one too.

Just one puff and I'll be in your heart
If I say no, we stay apart
I guess right now I have to choose
Myself or you, both ways I lose. 

Should I follow the crowd
or stand my ground
The smoke, these thoughts,
make my head pound. 

I could make myself the girl of your dreams
How I am won't do it seems.
If I'm not like you its clear we're through;
I can't be me and still have you. 

(I think it looks better ending there though it does continue on:
I shake my head and walk away
because to me it's clear as day

What i thought were dreams of love
Were clouded by smoke
It was the truth
Not the nicotine
On which I choked.)

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