Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Drink, Smoke and be Merry

Last night was a truly fantastic night. For the first time ever I think I was a little tipsy. I was giggly, I was relaxed and I had a lot of fun. My friend and I even got stuck in a bath together which was both a result of and a cause for a fit of giggles!
While I did wake up with what I call a food hangover (due to my allergies) I was in good humour despite a mere hour and half of sleep and spending the morning cleaning my friends house! One of my favourite things that stayed with me from the night was everyone's smiles. The embarrassed grin of someone stuck in a bathtub, the mellow glow of someone who'd just smoked a joint and the raucous laughter of people sharing a few cans and talking about stupid things, like boobs or braces.
The night was one of those memorable evenings where I just felt so loved and the happiness was infectious. Walking in I was hugged and squealed at and smiled at more than I have been in a very long time and I felt a weight I didn't realise I was carrying lift from my shoulders because I felt so relaxed. So happy and just...Alive!
People's smiles are the greatest reminder of how much you love them. Seeing someone you love happy is the greatest feeling I believe there is. It meant I didn't stop smiling all night because some people, such as my ex-boyfriend, while completely off of their tits, wore the blissful smiles of the thoroughly stoned for the entirety of the night. I was comfortable in the atmosphere. It was easy. It's been a while since I've felt so completely at ease.
Cans were scattered about the house, people passed out (or rather dozed off!), several threw up (most politely into appropriate receptacles), cigarette butts and roaches littered the garden and voices and music swelled. It was the perfect party atmosphere that you would write in a teen movie. But it was real. It was my people, the people I just want to throw my arms around and plant a big ol kiss on their collective faces. There was no drama, there was no uncomfortableness and no peer pressure. People were drinking and smoking but no one was 'in the horrors' as we call it. No one was aggro. No one was annoying (with one exception of an unwelcome guest). Most importantly, no one was dragging anyone down. If someone was sick, someone stepped in, if someone was getting tired, they looked for a quiet spot and curled up before they had a chance to get cranky!
Last night was  the very definition of 'merry'. It was the scene in Lord of the Rings when the hobbits are drinking pints, it was the party at the end of Superbad when they finally got there with the alcohol, it was the prom at the end of Mean Girls when everyone learns to get along. Happiness is a party surrounded by people you love.

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