Thursday, 27 June 2013


The theme of today's post came from the fact I have been creatively negligent recently-I have not been taking the time to write and update this blog or work on any of my other projects. I have a novel and a play sitting part written on my hard drive, two books half read, a costume mockup unfinished and several incomplete posts on both my blogs.
However, we are all constantly negligent in some way or another when you really think about it-we prioritise at the expense of neglecting things that might be more important than we realise. Lately, I have been negligent of my health, my creativity and several of my friends. I've been out late at the expense of my immune system, I've been exercising or helping my mum at the expense of social engagements-especially phone calls. I've been running errands at the expense of family meals. While the things we do are important, and often need to be done we neglect to acknowledge that so too are the things we put off.
One thing we humans often do is neglect our emotional needs. Because emotions and conversations and drama are time-consuming, energy-consuming; we can't get on with all the daily tasks that need to be done if we are busy working on our emotions. But what we forget is that maybe, if we took a little time, often, to acknowledge and look at our feeling, our well-being, we wouldn't have to have the semi-regular explosions of emotion when things get on top of us. Just a thought.
Another thing I neglect is really making an effort in my relationships. I am guilty of taking some of my friends and family for granted. I'm not always bothered to take a call or have a lengthy facebook conversation or play basketball with my little brother. Sometimes I want to be selfish, I feel a need to focus on me. Lately, since I have had less to do and, for a change, am not in a relationship, I have been placing more of an emphasis on the people who make the effort to be in my life-by making an effort to let them. Neglecting something for another person is the best kind of neglect simply because it is the least selfish. Yet it is also good for the soul to actually invest in your relationships. 
I think my worst sin of neglect is my laziness. I neglect to reach my full potential in some endeavours. I settle. I accept satisfaction in the place of delight. I let goals and plans slide, I meander through things instead if powering into them. This post is more meandering than pointed, more vague than poignant. 
I feel a little dull when I think of neglect, of laziness. It reeks of complacency and boredom. With just a hint of pretentiousness. But then, it's what's on my mind-and exploring my mind is one thing I rarely neglect to do- I should simply think more closely about  which of my discoveries may be worth sharing. 

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