Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Oh my daysss! Have you ever let out a breath you didn't realise you were holding? Ever felt relieved without even realising you were tense? It is a wow feeling.
No feeling quite compares to realising you are happy, or calm, or relieved. It's always amazing to feel this way but it's so much better when you realise it. When you are aware of a good feeling its potency is trebled. You appreciate it, you revel in it, you acknowledge how gloriously great it is to feel, well, great!
We learn in life very early how to notice sadness, anger, pain. How to wallow in it, throw it around or carry it with us. We take happiness for granted. We think that happiness is the normal state of things and that sadness is an anomaly that we should take notice of. We don't accept how special and important good feelings are. We feel entitled to contentment.
And frankly so we should be but that doesn't mean we should forget to appreciate it. Like love, happiness may not feel constant but it is much more so than we realise. We have the ability to be happy all the time but we feel like something needs to make us happy. Just as we expect a trigger for anger or sadness, and forget that sometimes these feelings come unbidden-as should happiness, if we would only recognise it.
I guess happiness is one of those under-rated things, like the euro-saver menu, mums doing the grocery shopping, spooning and cream cheese. We need to recognise happiness when it's upon us. Otherwise we will continue to pursue something which cannot be caught.

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