Monday, 10 June 2013

Who really wants the D?

At the risk of sounding like Carrie Bradshaw by writing and questioning concepts relating to matters of the heart I feel I need to express my confusion at the male race. I know that men say that women are complicated and I don't deny this fact but the very fact that men are supposed to be simple makes it all the more frustrating when they are mysterious.
Some people argue that if a boy pays any attention to you that is not, by circumstance, necessary he 'wants the D' (obviously not the D its a choice of phrase). If he makes the effort to contact you he wants the D. If he pays you a compliment we definitely wants the D.
Lets suppose that this is not true and that boys are in fact a little less one dimensional than they would have you believe. I happen to have a good few guy friends who obviously hang out with me or talk to me without sexual motivation and therefore fall into the category of 'not wanting the D'.
By contrast there will always be those boys who hang out with you or, more commonly in this technology age, relentlessly facebook or text messaging you, simply because your hormones cause you to have two glands on the front of your body. Yes I wear a bra, it doesn't mean I'm going to fall at your feet because of your eloquent phrasing 'you're hot' Take me sir...not!
Realistically, half the people who act like they want you, wouldn't know what to do if you agreed and half the people that looked like they don't know who you are secretly find you attractive. Who's talking to you because you're fun and who's hanging with you just because you have a second X chromosome? Who really wants the D? Are all my guy friends secretly wondering what I look like naked? Are all the lads who walk past without wolf whistling thinking I'm a hound? The answer is-who fucking knows? If we could read minds life would be a lot less work...but also potentially very awkward and creepy! Lets just hope that if someone really wants you-they will say so.

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