Sunday, 9 June 2013


So this is an unusual direction to take but I was at a club recently, working, and had my first really college experience where I was offered drugs. I actually laughed. Someone offered me some pills and I was so, I guess, surprised, that I just kind of laughed. I don't even drink and there was actual drugs being offered to me of all people. It felt...weird.
It did however set me on the intriguing subject of substance, which of course were discussed in their many forms at different stages during the night. After several acquaintances swallowed some gods-know-what, I joined a group in a haze of smoke with their rollies dangling from lips and between fingers, before dancing with another crowd with their beers in hand. The most intriguing substance I encountered however was snuff. My friend who was using it laughed at himself for the habit, saying it made him look terribly posh to say he would rather snuff than smoke. Despite that fact that there's no way to sniff snuff without looking like a cocaine snorter this was probably the singular flaw of the substance. My friend made a very compelling argument for snuff, and,  as substances go, it seems to have few drawbacks. It is all the fun of a cigarette only without the negative effects! As a non-smoker I wouldn't see the joy of consuming what is essentially pure nicotine but in opposition to the humble cigarette it seemed by far the preferable option. None of the yellowing of fingers and teeth, no smell on your hair and clothes, no ashen taste in your mouth to scare off potential lovers, no need to carry a lighter, skins or filters and most compellingly in my friend's words 'NO CANCER!'. Call me old fashioned-like snuff-but a no cancer option sounds pretty nice in this modern world where it seems to becoming more and more like the common cold!
As a substance-free individual I was surprisingly won over to the underdog snuff. I think if you were to abuse anything, it seems, at face value and based on one friend's propaganda, the safest form of substance fun. I don't think I'll start carrying a tin but I was definitely fascinated by the concept, and it seemed far less scary than the effects I've seen of alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and even the humble marijuana. For ye who strive to try all life's sensations-let me know how snuff stands up against it's cousin the cigarette!

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