Thursday, 13 June 2013

Sleeping Babes

I think there is nothing that makes you love someone more than when you see them sleep. We are all at our gentlest, most vulnerable and childlike when we are sleeping. For me at least, seeing a friend sleeping stirs some warm, fuzzy mothering part of me that makes me smile and want to stroke their hair or kiss their forehead. The confident blonde who shook her ass in a tight dress with you on the dance floor suddenly looks younger, softer, peacefully innocent and free of the weight of self consciousness. The strong lad who downed a few too many beers, slagged you and threw you over his shoulder suddenly looks like a pouting toddler, his normally tensed body relaxed, his face softened and more childlike.
Nothing is more endearing than the squished face or tangled limbs of a sleeping friend. The funny expression they fell asleep wearing, making you wonder what they're dreaming of. The awkward pose they dozed off in somehow seeming to reveal a part of them you don't see while they are awake. Even those of us who do not doze off at our most elegant are somehow beautiful in our sleep purely because of that absence of insecurity and self awareness,. The innocence and purity of our sleeping selves is revealing, but only in the kindest way. Even if they are drooling, or snoring, or muttering or their face is squished unflatteringly into the pillow the softness of our relaxation makes us peaceful. Makes us look like a child in a way that speaks to the relationship instinct in all of us. The part of us that wants hugs, that wants to love, that wants to smile and be smiled at. It is a heart-breakingly perfect feeling to see someone you love sleeping because it reminds you of everything you instinctually love about them, not just their jokes, their stories, their voice when they're excited, their goofy dance moves or the way they hold your hand in a crowded place or how they walk when you're staggering through the night together. You just seem to somehow see everything and nothing all at once. The most simplified version of them, free of the adornments of them consciously engaging with you. It's simply lovely in its lovely simplicity.

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