Saturday, 10 August 2013


Yesterday I received a really perfect gift. There is something about gift giving that makes you feel special and loved, but nothing more so than a gift that perfectly suits you, that shows how well your friend knows you and makes you love and appreciate them all the more.
My friend brought me a copy of one of my favourite novels in Spanish. I love reading in other languages and I was so delighted I almost wanted to cry!
Being a girl you often get a lot of crappy default presents. People seem to think that toiletries or jewellery are the things that girls want. I do love an accessory but  I almost never receive jewellery that is the kind of thing I would buy myself. As for toiletries, I only ever had baths when I'm sick and if I get another Lush bath bomb that smells overwhelmingly of sherbet I may throw it at someone.
Gifts are sweet but gifts for the sake of giving someone something mean almost less than no gift at all. If it's the thought that counts and you put zero thought into the present then what on earth is the point?
I am very lucky to have some lovely friends who know me and think of me and remind me just how well they get me.

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