Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The World is my Oyster

I recently worked on my bucket list with my best friend. We had the scary realisation that 10 years from now we will be on the cusp of our thirties and - shock horror- adults. Hopefully with jobs and a partner and maybe even a house or kids, who knows. So we reckon we have 10years before all the things we're going to do become all the things we should have done.
Now to anyone older who is feeling horribly offended by that statement I am not making the assumption that life ends at thirty, only that real life will have kicked in by then, complete with taxes and bills and a car and cooking all our own meals and only visiting our parents on special occasions or when we're lonely. 
I feel like I have a finite amount of time where I can indulge my childish side to the fullest extent and I am terrified of wasting that and becoming one of those middle-aged creeps with no friends their own age because of their inappropriateness and lack of responsibility for their own life. 
While looking through things that other people want to do before they die I've discovered that I've done plenty of interesting things already. I've swum with dolphins, been snorkeling on a coral reef in the Caribbean, I've gone on a trip with friends, and one with a special someone, I've done a spiderman kiss, I've made something from scratch, I've been to a ball, broken a Guinness world record, had a bonfire on the beach, jumped from a cliff and even milked a cow. 
I want to make sure that, even though I know my best adventures will be the normal ones, the family, the house, the job and the future, I want to be sure that I do all the things I might not be able to do when I have other people to think of, or when I'm too old to enjoy them. I don't know when my muscles will get old and tired or my joints start to ache or whether I'll have an accident so I want to expose myself to as much culture, adventure and excitement as I can! 
I want to be sure I appreciate the years between childhood dependence and grown up responsibility where pleasing only myself isn't to anyone else's concern or detriment. After all, the world is only my oyster while I'm able to treat it as such. 

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