Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Dear Diary

I got thinking about 'dear diary' because I wondered if, when people who know me read this they feel like they are reading my diary, invading my private thoughts (you're not by the way I mean I wouldn't put private things on the internet let's be sensible!). The first of my close friends to read this blog and one of my regular readers (god bless him) felt he had to tell me that he was reading it because it might be sneaky to read it behind my back in case I wrote something really personal.
While this is generally quite a personal blog it is far from a diary; my own diaries from my pre-teen years were painfully dull tomes relating in great deal a flower I saw or how great my teacher was or how my friend broke the milk jug from my tea set. I stopped keeping a diary in my early teen because my dad as good as told me that my mother was reading it and, while it was still exceptionally boring, I didn't want to one day write something interesting or bitch about my mum and have her read it.
Occasionally I wish I still kept a diary just to have a record of the more significant moments in my life-electrifying moments, successes, disappointments, new experiences, first kisses-the stuff that growing up is made of. The only references to 'dear diary' I make now is when I joke about 'dear diary' moments; 'Oh my god my teenage brother spoke to me...and asked me about my life..and listened to the answer' = dear diary moment. The only actual written diary is a dull day to day account of my life through Russian which I fill out every week for homework!
It's not too bad not to have a diary as the important things will stay with you anyway and sometimes when you don't write the bad down you can forget to yourself that there was any. I'd rather have a selective memory than a head full of bad ones-and either is preferable to a poorly written chronicle of my daily tribulations!

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