Tuesday, 16 April 2013

To pass the time

I wrote down all the burning questions in my mind, all the ones I could not and would not ask of you. I touched them to my old yellow lighter and watched sad words and ugly thoughts become beautiful flames.
I wrote down all the beautiful things you'd said to me, the things I couldn't stand to remember anymore, knowing I will never hear them cross your lips again. I tied them up with string and buried them like the feelings I cannot live with. 

Last of all, I took all the anger, all the frustration, the misunderstandings and the sadness. I stood by the sea and I screamed them into the wind, letting it carry them away from me while the crashing waves drowned them.
Then, when I was empty of everything in me that could hurt you, I wrote this to pass the time while I wait for you to learn to live with me. 

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