Monday, 29 April 2013

Shall we dance?

I recently re-lived one of those magical childhood moments that you grow out of being able to do, that you forget about because you think you're too old for.
I don't know if many of you did this with your dad or grandad or something when you were little but I vaguely remember being very small and dancing on my dad's feet. You tentatively put your feet on top of someone else's, part of you terrified you might squish them, then you hold on tight to the person and they move you around with steps and twirls and you can't help but feel like a princess at a ball.
I'm all grown up now but the feeling is exactly the same, perhaps even more magical because you thought you'd never do it again! I was particularly stressed out as I have college exams at the moment and, it having being a difficult year for me, I felt very unprepared. My friend opened his arms and gathered me in, holding me closer than my favourite jeans. While I was snuggled in the warmth of the embrace, he whispered into my hair 'Put your feet on my feet'. I laughed but he insisted so, ever so gently, I stood on his feet in my big heavy trainers. Suddenly he lifted my feet with his, gently at first, side to side like a slow dance, then faster, bigger steps til we felt like we were leaping around and I was his puppet girl.
Honestly, it may not sound it, but it was magical. Breathtaking and giggly, silly but sweet I felt like I was six years old again-and with that I lost all the cares of my adult self.

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