Sunday, 7 April 2013

Just trying it on

Today I want to discuss a pet peeve of mine; straight people who kiss members of the same sex 'for fun' (which often is a loose translation for 'because they've had a lot to drink'). While I am generally an advocate of fun, especially of the kissing kind in the right atmosphere, I can't stand mixed messages.
People don't realise how hard it can be for people who are actually attracted to people of the same sex to work out who's interested, who's not and who's just playing around for the night. For you it might just be a bit of fun or 'just to try it' but for some people it is a way of life and you could be toying with someone's emotions when you're 'just having fun'.
While you know what to expect from members of the same sex whether they kiss you on a night out or at a party or in a more casual setting it's 10 times harder when it's someone of the same sex because the signals aren't the same. Unless you're at a gay bar or you intimately know the person it's damn near impossible to tell who's just having a laugh and who actually might be interested.
I know many people who have been absolutely crushed after finally kissing someone they've liked for ages at a party only to find out when they spoke to them the next morning that it was 'so funny' that they kissed and they were 'sooo wasted'.
Loose sexuality these days can be really emotionally damaging in some situations (it's not exclusive to gays and bis receiving mixed messages) and I really so wish some people would think before they act.

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