Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Lovely Noise

Today while typing emails to people and working on my script I realised just how soothing and pleasing the soft clickety-clack  of my fingers moving across the keyboards was. It's probably one of my favourite sounds; it's the sound of productivity, creativity, enthusiasm, communication.
There are so many simple everyday sounds that are lovely just because of what we associate with them; I love the whoosh noise the burner makes when the heat is turning on, or the hum of the water heater when the shower starts running. I love the crackle of hot butter in a pan of the click the kettle makes when it has finished boiling.
I love the sound of my name in other people's mouths, the accent in a voice telling the story of where that person has been. I love the sound of fingers brushing lightly along skin or the beat of a heart. I like the heavy but gentle sound of sleeping breaths or the click of bones when I stretch in the morning.
I love that the world was intended to be experienced by each and every sense and if you focus on just one you realise just how much you take in every day, the murmur of other peoples conversations, the tinny sound of music escaping from earphones, pages turning, pens scratching on paper, chairs creaking, legs crossing and uncrossing, scratching heads, drumming fingers, tapping toes, beeping horns, engines roaring and the wind shaking the trees; these are the things that form the soundtrack of our lives.

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