Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Peer pressure

Today I experienced something I hadn't for a long time; peer pressure. OK admittedly it was highly lighthearted and jokey but nevertheless I was surprised at how difficult I found it to stand up for myself to my peers.
Growing up I was lucky enough that most people actually kind of respected the fact that I wouldn't be pressured into things and they were usually quite complimentary of the fact that I didn't drink or smoke or do drugs or fool around with inappropriate men. Granted there were also a lot of insistent drunkards who kindly poured beverages on me in an attempt to nourish me with alcohol or those who spiked my drinks and offered me 'just a glass of fanta'. Luckily, I was always much more assertive when I was younger because it was something to be proud of then.
Nowadays a lot of people kinda just think it's weird and some are actually almost uncomfortable with the idea that I don't drink, smoke or do drugs. I don't care because I don't object to these things-hell they are pretty darn normal these days! I think many people worry that because I'm not partaking that I am judging those who do; that's how I would probably feel if there was one person who wouldn't get involved in something I was doing with my friends.
I find it a little frustrating that if I objected to cocaine people would agree and if I refused ecstasy many would respect me for it but when I refuse to drink people find it near impossible to  accept. It's ridiculous that it is easier to lie and say I can't drink or to make up a reason for why I don't because 'I'm just not into it' isn't good enough.
I wouldn't force people to live my way and I respect that people find that a few drinks or a smoke enhance their evening-for me I enjoy things just fine without the assistance of substances.
I wonder sometimes if this is a reflection of the influence of the modern culture of instant gratification-people have become so used to enhancing stimuli that they prefer the altered consciousness to the all natural experience.
I do not propose that people shouldn't drink-hell most people are more interesting with alcohol, I just wish that people didn't find it weird that I don't.

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