Saturday, 9 March 2013


Last night I did something really positive for my mental health. I let a special someone into bed with me. That's right- I brought my old teddy in with me.
It was honestly one of the most relaxing, reassuring and uplifting things I have done in a long long time! I've been single since September and I miss my regular cuddles. Getting older means I can't crawl into my mums lap (well not without squishing her a bit) and its a bit juvenile to cuddle your friends all the time.
Last night I brought Hamish to bed. His fur is still soft and he has a little tartan waistcoat. He was not so small as to make my arms feel empty and not so big as to take up too much room in the bed.
Normally the comforting weight of the duvet is all I need but lately I have been struggling a little and I needed that little extra comfort cosiness-and that's when I rooted through my wardrobe for Hamish.
It seems crazy but it was soothing to feel like a child again-having my teddy with me it almost felt like I'd been told a bedtime story and lovingly tucked in. I slipped so easily into sleep it was almost as if all the responsibilities of my life had been lifted from my shoulders and I was back in the perfect peace of childhood .
I honestly cannot recommend highly enough the adoption of a teddy for the sake of your mental health. Teddies cannot ignore you, they cannot say mean things or give bad advice. A teddy will always give you a cuddle and they are never too busy to be there for you. Plus-if like me you live at home-a teddy will not cause your parents any great distress as a comforting bedfellow!

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