Thursday, 28 March 2013

kiss me you fool

Some people forget the power and indeed the fun of kissing. The obsession with sex that preoccupies our society has ruined something that is just pure and can be genuinely magic. In my mind there are few things worse than messing up a kiss our taking it for granted.
For instance if someone lets a sexual tension build then doesn't kiss you-it feels unreasonably disappointing. The only thing more annoying than that is when someone asks can they kiss you...I mean it's sweet and considerate and whatever but it's also a serious mood killer it just makes you feel a little you need to discuss which side to tilt your head or whether or not tongues should be involved.
I would rather a mate kissed me and we had to laugh it off for being a bit weird than for them to just kill things. Even a bad kiss, a drunk kiss or an awkward head butt on the way to a kiss can be something nice because hey its the thought that counts!
It's that thought of kissing that is so devilishly tricky-when you are thinking of someone, when you can't help noticing their mouth; the lips, the shape of their teeth. Sometimes you aren't even wanting to kiss them there's just a part of you that wonders what it would be like, and whether they are wondering about it too.
I can remember every first kiss I've had with anyone-the good, the bad and the drunk. and sometimes you hear a song or see someone or watch something that triggers the memory and all the sensations flood back-the way you felt, the closeness of their body, the taste of their lips, the scent of their body, their hands in your hair, the look in their eyes just beforehand.
A friend once said that you aren't really friends until you've kissed-not necessarily passionately or even drunkenly but just in a friendly fashion; birthday kisses, goodbye kisses, dude-I-haven't-seen-you-in-ages kisses and congratulatory kisses. When you're familiar enough to smooch that's a good measure of closeness (though this is generally a male-female or female-female interaction when it comes to friends!). In most of Europe kissing is considered part of the handshake process but in Ireland it makes people nervous if you don't know them well.
I suppose my thinking behind this post was that there should be more affection in the world and cuddles are no longer cutting it!

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