Thursday, 14 March 2013


I have some particularly brutal form of disease-of-the-head. It has been brewing for a number of weeks and then yesterday i woke up feeling like I'd been brutally attacked and told my mother I thought I had a brain tumor my head was so sore. I feel like I cannot have a thought independent of pain. I know that the pain is physical and should not affect my mental functions but jeebuz h christo I feel like a vegetable. Probably a particularly rubbish vegetable, like a turnip. I have turned on the laptop because I'm too sore to sleep and too brain-dead to achieve anything of value.
I feel positively poetic about this pain I'm in. My head feels as though it has been filled with a thick liquid, perhaps a milkshake only without the pleasant cooling sensation. My neck feels like it had bee blown up like a balloon. an overfilled one at that-the kind you can't bat around without fear of it popping. I am like a mummy-i have a scarf wrapped in layers upon layers to remind me not to turn my head as the releases fourth-of-July style fireworks of pain from my spine to the very centre of my skull. MY stomach feels bruised and I feel like my brain hurts. My throat feels like it has just collapsed and if I didn't know better I'd think an over-weight dwarf was sitting on my chest. Sadly the best description I have of how I'm feeling is 'Icky' from the infinite realms of the human mind and mine being a creative one at that , the most accurate term I concocted was 'Icky' and because I feel icky this is all I can offer the world today-my thoughts on just how icky I feel. What a delightful way to be.

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