Saturday, 23 March 2013


I have begun so many posts today but haven't been able to follow one through to the end. It probably is due to a mixture of stress over assignments and my brothers loudly watching Southpark next to me. I dearly want to produce something but I can barely focus on tumblr let alone apply myself to anything with a genuine intellectual dimension. I literally have had my mind torn from this thought every two seconds. Its like-going down to southpark-swimming against a-can you put the dishwasher on-a tide of distractions. My brain is positively fuzzy with -***** has messaged you-a million thoughts flowing through my brain so fast that-Kat will you budge up?-I can barely seem to glimpse them let alone-new emails in tcd inbox -catch hold of them.
Goddamn this is the hardest thing I've ever -new flash with febreeze freshness-tried to do. It's like i have to physically turn the cogs of my brain.
Like focusing your eyes underwater or really engaging with a movie in a language you don't understand I am completely without the ability to maintain a singular goal or activity.

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