Wednesday, 27 March 2013


The best way to gauge the strength of any friendship is the stuff you have in common. Now most people think the only things that count as being 'in common' are the things you both like; like ballet or rock music or old TV shows; or the things you share like green eyes school or a group of friends or a love of dark haired men. To me the most important things you have in common are not these-nor even mutual opinions-in fact arguments and the ability to have a civil disagreement are some of the best fun and most crucial aspects of any friendship.
To me the thing that most indicates compatibility is hating the same things-like people who wear too much fake tan, boys wearing leggings, late buses, shoes with no socks and hypocrisy. It's great to find someone who'll let you moan and actually agree with you! You can make inane small talk for hours and bore yourself with someone who has 'a lot in common' with you or you can find someone completely different who just notices all the same things you do or maybe thinks a little like you.
The infinite variety of the human race is an incredible thing (though it does make it all the more surprising how many people try to be just like their friends instead of developing themselves). I like to collect odd acquaintances, people who bring new things, new ideas, opinions and attitudes. While I haven't met many people like myself I think if I did I wouldn't find them nearly as engaging to be around as the people who are nothing like me!
I think the most engaging thing about any person you might be friends with is someone who surprises you-if someone you've been friends with for years can still make you take a step back, laugh out loud without meaning to or just genuinely exceed your expectations that's a friendship that'll never get old and tired. Surprise is the spice of life-the unknown, not the known, the common. If you have just one uncommon friend they are the one that you'll always want to be around. 

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