Saturday, 2 March 2013

That one, the one.

I feel so small in your hands. Even though you aren't taller than me or all that broader than me, even though you can't rest your chin on my head and I don't have to tiptoe to kiss you. When you hold me close I feel as small as a child being comforted by their mummy or daddy. When my hand is in yours it feels like all of me is covered over with a giant duvet. Just like the way that a shut bedroom door or a duvet won't protect you from the things that you feel lurking in the dark neither can you protect me from the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune; yet with you beside me I feel nothing can touch me..nothing can hurt me but the power of the feelings I feel for you.
You're the cup of tea that soothes my soul even if it it does nothing for my body, the warm sun on my back that makes me feel everything is right, the soft jammies that make me forget I care what I look like.
You are all of this and more, you were and always will be. Why should I move on when you're a part of me now. I can no more leave behind my legs or my liver or the things I learnt in class or my childhood memories than I can go on into my future pretending you aren't in the world.

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