Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Gender roles 1

I have entitled this gender roles 1 because I am sure this is a topic I will return to. Today, like many of the days of my life as the only girl in a boy's house I questioned some of the things which men seem to monopolise the right to do. Sure we women got to monopolise all the fun things by luck of biology-periods, child birth, slower metabolisms, physically weaker etc. etc. OK I'm not that bummed about being a women-in fact I love it most of the time since we have perks like hiding our blemishes under make-up, being allowed to show/talk about emotions without being judged and the option of trousers or a skirt (the essence of life of course).
Here's the thing- I don't get why men get to have the monopoly on being gross. A boy pees on the seat-that's just boys. A boy burps-that's how lads do it. I guy farts-that's something to be proud of! If a girl did any of these things she would be at least admonished but more likely looked at utterly appalled by any decent person!
Similarly men are allowed to grow their body hair as much as they please without being considered disgusting, hideous or unhygienic. If they get sweaty exercising it's applauded or even seen as sexy (while we women are just gross). I mean a teenage boy making an effort is putting on deodorant and a clean t-shirt while women have to undergo a rigorous total body overhaul.
And while yes I accept that this is the way of the world and I am not a feminist ranter-I like my men manly-not metrosexually overgroomed and I like my women hair free and sweetly scented!
All I want is the right to my involuntary bodily functions without judgement. I wouldn't mind a hi5 for a good burp rather than a stern reprimand from my mother! And I would definitely like to be able to fart every once in a while in the comfort of my own home!

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  1. A surprisingly refreshing outlook on a society dominated by conservative ideology.
    It provided a remarkably differing opinion from the
    media driven socially acceptable behavior of
    21st century youth :)