Saturday, 30 March 2013

Who are we?

A friend of mine recently had a bit of an identity crisis marked by him not knowing who we was, where he was going in life etc. This got me thinking about how we define ourselves as people-who are we really?
We are not just a body attached to a name, every one of us has distinctive physical and mental traits, unique thoughts and perceptions and habits and hobbies. I believe that no one part of us can define us because we are a collective of everything we have experienced in our lives and all the roles we have played so far-not to mention those we hope one day to play.
We cannot define ourselves in a word...unless that word is human. Though some of us would even consider that word to hold a number of inaccuracies. We have animalistic tendencies at times, and we can be inhumane when life pushes us to certain extremes.
I am a million things at once; I'm a daughter, a sister, a friend, an acquaintance, a student, a teacher, a learner. I'm an ex-girlfriend, I'm someone you met at a club, I'm an actress, a writer, a dancer. I am a survivor, I'm the girl with the broken leg, or the girl with the broken heart. I'm a viewer, a subscriber, a blogger, a listener and a reader. I can add or subtract things from the list of all that I am every moment of every day, I could fill a library with all the stories of how I was, am and will be and why. I could...but you can't know someone by knowing what they are or even why, you can't know someone from a list of facts and measurements and personality traits.
To know someone, to know who and what they are, is to experience them. We are different in the eyes of every person we meet but that is how we are defined-that is how we are known and therefore, in the truest sense of the word that is who we are.

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