Thursday, 21 March 2013

Crime shows

I started thinking recently about my obsession with crime based shows. I really enjoy watching Criminal Minds and C.S.I.. I actually cannot pinpoint precisely what it is that draws me to them. I know in part it originated from me watching them to challenge myself. As a nervous individual with an anxiety condition I don't deal well with fear and I used to want to watch these shows but could only do it with the house thoroughly locked, well lit and with the blinds down. Even then I did the childish dash to the bedroom, slamming the door for safety and wrapping myself in a duvet (we all know that murderers and rapists are terrified of duvets that's why they're a  safe place).
I cannot pretend that crime shows, particularly C.S.I., are especially well written, or well acted, or even at times vaguely plausible. I think I just like the mental exercise of trying to work out who's responsible (like classic murder mystery 'whodunnits' to which my mother is addicted). It's also interesting to follow the logical thought processes and the science aspects. It doesn't overshadow the fact that I should have better taste in television, i should enjoy something more intellectually, emotionally or even comedically engaging. But no, just as we cannot pinpoint the exact reasons why some people appeal to us more than others or some foods taste better than others, I cannot quite work out why, of all the shows I enjoy, I'd rather watch bad crime shows than anything else

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