Saturday, 23 February 2013

Bad dancing

Now normally I cannot stand bad dancing, it irks me a tad but today I was reminded of the more powerfully brilliant aspects of it!
As someone who loves to dance and has trained in it it's sometimes impossible to fathom how people can't feel or move with the rhythm. Last night I went to town with some friends of mine to celebrate one of the boys' 21st. It wasn't a busy night and it was an sort of rock music night with lots of metally rocker types. Our group was a seriously motley crew which actually made it all the more fun.
I had several moments where  just had to stop and look around the group. One of the boys danced like a mildly intoxicated stripper, another rocking the jerky moves seen mostly on 70s top of the pops, one intensely absorbed in an epileptic  a couple doing the classic male knee bend and head bob and one standing stock still until we partyboyed him and forcibly span him around!
For me it was not my usual night on the town and it wasn't the kind of music I would normally dance to but I couldn't help feeling all warm and fuzzy looking around the faces of my friends, new and old, as they just enjoyed themselves! I was nearly crying laughing at some points ad other times i found I was boogying in the same carried away who-gives-a-fuck kind of way.
It's a bit sentimental and sappy but I felt s full of love watching the boys awkwardly gyrating or bobbing or head banging alternately in a totally natural way and a totally self-conscious way. I had a lot of fun plus I got plenty of laughs, hugs and they even danced in the seated area with me because I can't be around strobe lights sometimes. The whole experience just resonated with me more than usual. The dancing just seemed like a representation of all the funny quirky things I love about my friends.

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