Saturday, 9 February 2013

Last Friday Night

Yesterday I made three rather botched attempts to write something but between having family over and going to a party last night and working through a few things today I just haven't really been able to follow a thought through well enough to write something coherent. This blog is all about honesty, just writing my own pure thoughts and occasionally creative or abstract things that I write down. So I'm just going to honestly say that my brain isn't really working today.
Messed up sleep patterns, emotional turmoil and busy day at home are enough to mess up your head. Today I look like a hangover. I'v had three days or broken sleep and went to a gaff last night that ended up with people just sitting watching mtv with a couple of cans. Not exactly the rave up I was hoping for to ring in my weekend. My so-called 'mate' decided it would be funny to rip a giant hole in my favourite tights which I bought in France and I was drunkenly kissed by a good friend which will probably be gossped about by our group for a little while now. While my tights are beyond repair the friend and I have sorted out any residual awkwardness and, having relaxed, I can appreciate a few more pleasant memories of last night. A brief rave, the lent episode of father ted, a very cosy cuddle and dmc and a sly conversation with my gay besty about how well hung a mutual friend might potentially be.
At the end of the day I have to remind myself sometimes that I'm still technically a feckin' teenager, there are going to be some off days but there's no need to treat them like a drama. There are more important things in life than feeling like you wasted an evening or hating your friend an unnecessary amount for ruining your tights. I mean c'mon lads, Valentines Day is coming up; I have far bigger things to worry about!

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