Friday, 15 February 2013

Sexy sex

It is no wonder the youth of today are so messed up. I have been watching tv for the last couple of hours and literally everything is about sex. You can see full nudity on standard television these days. I'm not trying to imply that I'm some sort of prude but I honestly think there is some serious sex overkill in modern tv.
My younger brother is nearly 13 and tbh I think he's kissed more people than I have. When I was his age I think I'd only had one or to unrequited crushes and I'd never so much as kissed a boy on the cheek. When my brother was just 7 a girl in his class apparently showed him her bra. A 7 year old. Showing a boy her bra. A 7 year old. Wearing a bra! What is the world coming to?
I do have a skewed view to sex I'll admit it. I've had a few pushy boyfriends. I've had a few vulgar rumours spread about me. This means that unlike most of my peers at university I'm not really up to the casual sex with friends/strangers thing just yet. I grew up in a time when 'The Simpsons' was considered adult humour, a time when MTV played music rather than broadcasting shows about pregnant teenagers and pageants where toddlers dance about like strippers.
I realise I sound like an auld biddy bemoaning the good old days and blaming the media and technology for ruining the youth of today.I realise I also sound like a bit of a prude. I do genuinely feel though that sex shouldn't become something that is as casual as eating your lunch or going to the bathroom. There's got to be a little something behind it. Not necessarily romance, not everyone feels that way, but something; passion, thrill,excitement, something that means you need it, you have to have it. Not just that you should because you can, or you're bored, or because everyone else is.

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