Sunday, 17 February 2013


It is my educated opinion that tea is the elixir of life. I am not kidding. No matter what kind of day I have had, no matter what stress or heartache or exams or trials and tribulations I have had to struggle through in a day if I can just get a cup of tea into me its like a deep relaxing breath.
Not for me the hot bath (i have a tendency to get headrushes and faint as I vacate the tub), nor the lure of chocolate nor even my bed; on those days when one has lost the will to do anything other than take up space on planet earth the only thing that can resurrect me is the humble cuppa.
It isn't just the magical resurrective powers of caffeine or the restorative comfort of a warm beverage; there is a certain magic in tea. As an Irish cailĂ­n its not only part of national culture but it is in our very genes to be addicted to tea. Any Irish person I have met who doesn't like tea has been shunned like those weird people who hate bacon or have never seen a Disney film!
Disliking tea is essentially a sin in this country; I'm fairly sure it's in the 'How To Be A Good Catholic' handbook! I personally would not survive a week without tea. A bad day would probably end in murder or suicide without the calming effect of tea!
all this talk about tea has made me feel positively poetic; if I were musical I would write an ode to tea, and serenade it with Spanish guitar, if i were a painter I would create a work of art celebrating the glory of tea, if I were a politician I would make a law declaring tea a national treasure and if I were pope I would place a saintly blessing on all the people who make the tea that keeps me functioning!
But I have no power or talent to sufficiently show tea my appreciation, so instead I wrote this blog post to say; thank heavens for Tea.

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