Friday, 15 February 2013

That oh so significant V day

So it's valentines day and I'm gonna be honest and say its not a holiday that's ever meant a whole lot to me. For just 3 out of 19 valentines days have I had a boyfriend but not once have I spent Valentines with someone special. One year I was on a school trip; though the Spaniard did bring me a rose when I got back. The following year I had exams so I didn't get to see my beloved and last year I was away on a senior hockey trip to Barcelona. Last year I did receive a truly memorable and spectacular homemade card though, which I opened while I was in Spain. My boyfriend had spelt out 'will you be my valentine' using elements of th eperiodic table and had described the history of our relationship using science jokes n dlines. It nearly made me cry it was so perfect.
For the most part I've never been one of those girls who bitches ansd mouns about being single on valentines day, nor have I ever had the opportunity to be on of those annoying 'I'm in the perfect realtionship' types either. I don't have anything agasint the concept of Valentines Day; I think its nice to celebrate something thats so lovely-love! Once you've been in love, even after you fall out of it, you never forget how great the feeling is an dyou cannt hate people for wanting t celebrate it.
Despite 3 different group night out on the town invites and one offer of casual sex To see what would happen (purely in the interest of science) I posted that I was available for Val's Day. I can say without hesitation that I was surprised by the response My facebook fiancee obviously weighed in and asked me to be her valentine, a friend of a friend very generously proferred the 'guaranteed shift' and finally a very close friend asked me on a bona fide date which completely surprised me!
While unfortunately my valentine had to work on the special day after all and I didn't get to see him the very idea that he wanted TO spend a romantic occasion with lil 'ol me was enough to have me feeling warm and fuzzy all day. I went home quickly after college and because my date was canceled I got to see Django with my mum and two younger brothers. My mum wasn't exactly lined up for a romantic day so it was nice to share chocolates and enjoy some romantic shootings and explosions and supreme overuse of the N word.
IN my opinion Valentines has become less and less about romance; if your in a relationship its about flaunting your good fortune, if you aren't its about finding someone for the night or about showing how ok you are with yourself and with being single. For almost all my peers its all about sex.
Once again I lament that these days people have replaced romance with sex. Before if you were single you spent the day with your friends who you loved or you sat home and appreciated a good rom-com or had 'anti valentines day' and watched something totally mush free and told yourself you wouldn't want all the hassle of love anyway.
The hassle of love is definitely there. I spent the evening of valentines day watching an animated comedy with my ex boyfriend. The hassle of love and all its difficulties was eventually the death of our relationship but not of our friendship. At the end of the day it was not romantic, we watched Archer, but it was lovely; there were cuddles, there was toblerone and at the end of the day while we might not be all lovely dovey we were in love once and we still love each other, as friends and as a big part of each others lives.
I guess this is a very round about post but it was a very round about day. I saw love in all its various forms yesterday, the way I love my family, my friends, new prospects, slightly overzealous propositions, inappropriate over sexualisation and plain old story book L-O-V-E.

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