Saturday, 2 February 2013

Creative People

I've recently realized that since moving out of the small pool of secondary school into the big lake of what I fondly consider 'the real world' (ha oh college..) I am increasingly surrounded by incredible people. College seems to be the time when people try to become a little more open about their natural gifts and creativity. I haven't fully come out as an aspiring writer or dancer just yet but I'm trying to put myself out there creatively through my style, my art and designing and my acting. This blog is my thus far secret outlet for minor creativities. When I'm not at college I've started dedicating more and more time to writing and designing. This is partly because I've been so inspired by how incredibly talented so many of my friends are.
A few weeks ago I attended a writers workshop with the drama soceity of my college. Two close friends of mine had some of their work read out and one was so real it was actually astounding. It was almost like having something from my own memory replayed to me. At the same workshop two friends of mine sang a song written by the other friend presenting. Again wow. I'm not in any way musically gifted so I have the utmost of respect for anyone who is. Singing is one of those talents you cant acquire- you either have it or you don't (I unfortunately don't) . Music also has an infinite capacity to move people so if you can play an instrument you can too obtain this capacity.
I like to hope that I will one day people will connect with my writing the way the written word has always connected with me. At the moment I'm making a brave endeavor into playwriting and hoping to submit it to be performed in the drama soceity next year. A lot of my friends do drama and it has been fascinating reading their assignements. Last friday a friend let me read a very surreal and intriguingly grotesque monologue from a spectaculaarly convoluted play he's writing. I was pretty darn impressed by it!
I guess this is the beauty of the infinite diversity of the human race; people who share the same gifts often use them in different ways but at the end of the day however you do it your talent shines through. I think creativity is the very highest form of expression because it covers so many things. Whether you express yourself through academic debate, wild dancing or colourful writing you should always try to let it out. A gift hidden is a gift wasted. While I'll admit I like to hide some of my creatve expression I tend to revel in the creative expression of others.
Creative people set the world alight, if we didn't have innovators and inspirers life would be wholly stagnant.

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