Sunday, 10 February 2013


Today has been one of those days where my feelings for my family have swung wildly from love to hate in the most bipolar of fashions! Having been out two nights in a row this weekend I was not exactly enthused by having, on top of the usual parents and the lads, my aunt and cousin. Living at home really does remind me constantly that I am still considered a child. I was told to clean my room, not to eat in the living room and that I was to choose either the tv or my laptop or I could go to my room. I was also admonished for swearing. All before midday. Sometimes I become overwhelmed with the teenage angst; it doesn't help your case when wanting to be treated when you end up throwing a tantrum and declaring that you are 'almost twenty years old and should be allowed to effing swear and wear your pyjamas all day if you so please!'.
On the other hand I have since had a lovely girly coffee with my mum and aunt escaping from the all-male totalitarian regime of my home life. Most of the afternoon has also been spent working together to set the table and prepare a big meal for a family night here tonight and suddenly having all these people around is less irritating and more cosy. It could be because I've gained control of the remote or it could be that deep down I do love these absolute pains that, but for blood and marriage, I might not otherwise know. When it's mellow like this you can't help realising that your family members are pretty epic people; even if you do occasionally wish they would go live with and borrow someone else.
Like good friends, there are times when the fact that they drive you mad half the time probably actually makes you love them more because you know you wouldn't put up with their nonsense if you didn't love them so much. I know myself that I can be an irritating person, I can have a quick temperature and get emotional around my (poor) family a lot. My last relationship made me realise that its those times when you hate someone you love that make you look at yourself and remember that you too are more than capable of being a pain but if they can love you in spite of that its only polite to remember to love them back!

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